Monday, March 10, 2014

4 months pregnant!!!

The OBGYN appointment went well today. No ultrasound, but we went over birthing options and such. They did find some blood in my urine and I have been having some sharp pains on my lower right side, and back when I pee or have to pee. I told her about my kidney stones last time. She said kidney stone are common for pregnancy and if it gets bad go to the GP and let them take a sample too see if there is any kidney stone dust in it. If so I can go to the hospital and get and ultrasound to see if I have stones. It's not as bad as last time, but it just started the past two days. So drinking loads of water. I will keep an eye on it. Don't want to go into pre-mature labor like I did last time at 27 weeks. So pray I can stage off stones. My 20 week Ultrasound is April-3rd!!!! We get to find out the sex!!! Fingers crossed we find out then!! 
Here are some photos of today. My 4 month baby bump is growing fast, but the rest of my is still normal for now, so that is good :) Trying to get out and walk more and eating small meals here and there. Trying to stage off any unhealthy weight. I got way too heavy last time. So just eating salads, sandwiches and just normal food but not large portions, like I did last time. Staying away from salts as well. I still have some chips, but I limit myself so I don't get water weight. It was painful last time. But all is well and baby is kicking, growing and I love just waiting to feel those tiny kicks on my lower belly. It's the best and normally after I eat. So I love my snacks because I know it won't be long before I feel the baby tapping away in there with it's tiny feet. This baby already has my heart!! So excited to meet it!!! 


  1. You look beautiful! So glad to hear things are going really smoothly for you so far.