Saturday, March 1, 2014

14 Weeks Pregnant.

Well here I am in all my glory!! Sorry for the PJ's pic, but I have been living in them lately, haha! 
Yes, I really am already poking out this much, and yes, only one in there, and I have also lost 10 pounds since being pregnant. So all baby. Morning sickness has kicked my booty this pregnancy. I am  happy to say it is no longer a problem. Now that I will be 15 weeks tomorrow, I am eating like a champ again!! Yay! I have missed food so much and now I am craving chicken caesar salads,  clementine oranges, mexican food and sandwiches. Much better than the tomato sandwiches I have been only able to eat. 
I just keep growing and I'v been feeling the baby move since 12 weeks and on, but more and more everyday. I know what to look for the 2nd time around and I know what it feels like. So really cool and reassuring every time I lay flat in bed and feel the tiny kicks and flutters. Normally at night before bed, just like I did with Tallis. Can't wait to meet this baby. I honestly can't tell you how excited I am over this sweet baby. I think more so 2nd time around since I know how amazing it is to meet your child for the first time. Tallis has paved the way and is going to be such a wonderful big brother. He is so excited, we are telling him what a big help he is going to be to mommy and daddy. He loves it! 
I will post a 15 week belly shot when I can. Thank you for reading and praying!! It helps me to look back and remember all I am going though and the how far our family has come... 
God Bless, Laura

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