Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We have a HEARTBEAT!!!

Well as you can see, we did not get in at 8 weeks but at 10. As you can imagine my stress and worry for two weeks waiting to find out if our baby had a heartbeat was... well... unexplainable. I had to call the GP to get in early, because my mid-wife was new and the other woman I had over the summer had retired. I was so frantic thinking, this girl is young, un-married with no children. She has no clue what I am dealing with right now... She pushed my anxiety off like it was nothing and did not try to help me out at all. So I call the GP and told him my fears and how I had 3 miscarriages within a years time, and how I have been having sharp pains in my lower right side and other things I won't go into that were concerning me. He was great and got me in the next day for a scan. Then it really hit me... We would be walking down those same halls we did this past summer when we lost our baby... The Halls were the same, very long... They almost felt longer. We went in and sat in the waiting room with me rubbing my hands together roughly and tearing up and begging the Lord for Mercy on our baby. My husband kept saying it's going to be okay, the baby is fine... She called us back I laid down on the bed and I put my hands over my eyes, so afraid to look and as soon as they said, and there is the baby!! Looks great!! And theres the HEARTBEAT!!! Very strong!! I was measuring two days bigger. My uterus is very tilted so we did not get the best photo of the baby, but I did not care, as long as the heart was beating strong, that was all we needed. I laid there crying and praising the Lord over and over and over... So here is a photo of our little one. We go back in Feb-16th at my 12 week mark. Hopefully the photos will be better!!! Please continue to pray for our family and this precious baby as it develops and grows strong. 

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