Wednesday, February 19, 2014

13 weeks and 4 days pregnant!!

Baby Estrada due Aug~24th!!!

As you know from previous post, this baby was conceived naturally after 7 years of trying.
 4 months post miscarriage... So quite a shock for our family at Christmas!! 

From the moment they put the wand on my tummy, our little peach kept jumping, waving it's little arms and kicking its legs. 10 fingers!! 10 toes!!! So adorable. I know it is hard to tell in these photos, but the baby has the cutest mouth/ lips and big cheeks like momma. Adorable little nose like Tallis and is SUPER active like daddy!! The baby was jumping and twisting and flipping around in there, haha! So the baby had been growing like a weed!!!! They moved the due date up AGAIN!! 
The baby is now due Aug-24th and is measuring at 13 weeks and 4 days!!! I should only be 12 weeks and 6 days!! Crazy how fast this baby is growing. So strong and heartbeat is very strong. We still have not heard it, but we see it and we got to see the brain, looks perfect!! No wonder I have been sleeping non-stop. The baby is growing above and beyond. So all good news. No sex yet, but we get another ultrasound at 19 weeks to which they will know the sex by then. So here is the baby. The head is to the right and it is showing the profile. You can see it's little features already  That is the arm and hand next to it's face. 
You can even see the fingers!!


  1. I've followed your story for so long, since before you got pregnant with Tallis, but I never comment. I am overjoyed for you and your family. Praying many blessings over this pregnancy and new little life you are growing!

  2. Thank you SO much!! We are so excited and so overwhelmed to see the baby is doing so well. We can't wait to meet this little one!! ~Laura