Monday, November 11, 2013

Weathering the Storm.

The branches were long and full of life.
It turned its leaves toward the sun so bright.

It soaked up the warmth and basked in its rays.
It knew it could always count on these days.

But the north wind blew, and it shook to the core.
And the fruits of the tree became no more.

The storms came in one by one.
It kept waiting for this season to be done. 

Then clouds moved in, and the sun stopped shining.
The warmth was gone and the wind was binding.

As the tree stood watching its branches turn weak,
little did it know, the master was making it meek. 

One by one the clouds lifted away,
and the sun came shining one unsuspected day.

Through the storms, strong winds, and fires it fought,
the foundation where it stood was never rocked

The seasons came and went, and still no fruit was to be seen.
But the tree stayed strong with its hopes and dreams.

The leaves came in and filled the branches so bright.
It knew it was growing to the masters delight.

It was pruned and fed by the master above;
soon the tree knew it would always be loved.

"Would it to bear fruit again?" It sat and cried.
As years went by, it tried and and tried.

As the master sat under the tree, it prayed,
while He wiped every sad tear away.

"Never worry about what's to be.
Just know I am here sitting under your tree.

I will never leave you and you will never fade.
You will always bear the fruit I intended that day. 

No Tree can bear fruit all by itself.
You have always needed the Masters help.

I planted you next to a stream on solid ground.
No storm, wind, or fire will ever bring you down." 

The fruit you bear now, is not what you thought it at all.
It is kindness, meekness, and faith so tall.

On the ground where your fruit fell before,
It is now life springing forth, from which I'll adore. 

And on your branch, you will finally see
A tiny bud waiting to grow from your tree.

It was always in my time, when you'd bear fruit.
Now in your faith you will always take root.   

By: Laura Estrada

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