Monday, June 24, 2013

Appointment this week June-27th-2013

 We are driving down to Oxford, UK for my baseline scan on Wednesday morning. I never had my down regulation bleed, but the nurse said that sometimes happens and might not happen till after appointment if ever. Some women just don't bleed. I have been cramping every day now, suffering from dizziness, sore breasts, memory loss, nightmares, insomnia, and taking naps out of nowhere. Feeling very anxious and on edge. Not wanting to be around anyone... If the scan looks good and I have reached my baseline in hormones I start my progesterone pills on top of my nasal spay. But my menopausal meds will be sniffed only once a day instead of 4x's. I am in need of prayer more so for my babies. knowing that they are there waiting on me and my body, makes me long for them even more.  I pray for them and dream about them and what they would look like if they are born. A mom can't help but think about those things and long for her children. But I also long for Tallis to have brothers and sisters. It is in The Lords hands and all we can do is trust in His will for our life and through this process. 

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