Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1st IVF Appointment.

Things went as expected. I have to phone into the clinic on the first day of my next 
cycle and then get some blood test run at my local GP, then they will send me my 
drugs. They said the likelihood that, that one embryo ( the one that did not have a 
cell mass) even survives the freezing process is 5% or less... So we were upset upon hearing that one of our babies might pass away in July when they unfreeze it.
They said if it does not survive the defrost it would not have survived the womb...
We told them to unfreeze the one that has low chance of survival and one of the
two stronger ones. And if both survive then great, we will use them, but if one
passes away we will unfreeze the other one and then use that one. But we want to
give them all an equal chance of survival. They can only implant 2 at a time. 
So that is about it for now. We wont know till July when we are ready for the
transfer if one, two or all babies even survive... 
Please pray for our babies and for this process. We are under a lot of pressure with 
this and school. 

Love to you all 

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