Thursday, April 18, 2013

IVF~ Take 2. All my appointments and schedule.

Scan uterus and do a test run on transfer: 
Oxford, UK ~ May 2nd

Step 1 - Down regulation
For two to three weeks you take a drug in the form of a nasal spray or injection to temporarily switch off the hormonal messages from the brain to the ovaries, preventing ovulation. 
Oxford, UK ~ July 4th

Step 2 - Start Estrogen Tablets or Patches
Estrogen will help to build my uterus up and support the pregnancy. 
At home ~ July 7th

Step 3 - Day 12 Ultrasound Scan in Unit
To check for the stability of my uterus. 
Oxford, UK ~ July 18th

Embryo Transfer: 
Oxford, UK  July 22nd


  1. Very cute. :) As someone in the battle of infertility, I understand all too well. Thanks for posting some humor!

  2. Best of luck to you! your blogs have been an inspiration to me! I know that these next couple of months will be difficult emotionally and physically...thinking of you.