Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. Snuggles.

Hanging out with my little man :)
I love it when he jumps up on my lap and just snuggles! It is the best. He is into trains, cars and pretending to cook like mommy. He gets his little bowl out and I give him a whisk and he pretends to mix and taste (slurp, slurp) so funny! He now plays with this pewter tea pot that we found in our rental home and he pours tea and pretends to sip it. He says tea momma? And I say yes please and he pours me cup and I sip and tell him how wonderful it is :) I think I might have a little chef on my hands!! We had two births in church the past two weeks and one of the women brought there newborn baby boy. Tallis was so amazed and did not know what it was! I said it is a baby Tallis!! He just sat there and said nothing, just looking at the baby in disbelief. I would get a smile here and there and then back to being serious. Wonder how he would act if I had another baby, Lord willing. I think he would be a good little helper. He really does love other children. He walks right up to them and grabs there hand or hugs them. He LOVES all the little girls in church. He is always chasing them around and putting his arms up for them to pick him up. They love it because he is like there little baby doll, hahaha! They always say, I love his face!! I do believe we will have to put him on lock-down the older he gets. I am doing a lot of praying right now and really meditating on Gods word. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about the up and coming IVF Transfer this Spring/ Summer. Not quite sure how we are going to pay for it. It coasts around 2,000 pounds. Just praying for funding for school so that the money Justin makes at his work can go towards the transfer. I am just praying the babies make it through the freezing process. Please keep us in your prayers... 


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart. I am hoping and praying!

  2. Thank you, it is getting harder and harder to think about it everyday. They are there and still alive and the thought of going through it and it not working and there being an end to this all of this is proving to be quite heartbreaking. They were not in a good condition when we froze them, so not sure they will even survive the freezing process. Just trying really hard to have hope and peace over it all... Thank you for prayers. They are much needed.