Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tallis 3 months old

My sweet baby boy is getting so big and turning into such a handsome little man :) He is such a sweet baby and loves to snuggle. Tallis has gotten into this habit of these high pitch screeches. It's quite funny but very loud!! He giggles, smiles and lets you know when he is frustrated by kicking his feet and screaming at you with a very intense look on his face. He loves his bath time and his favorite song is Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory. Whenever he is upset and I sing him that song and he falls right to sleep, or just sits there very calm. It's so funny! Thank you Big Bang Theory for the song on your show. I started singing it as a joke but he really does love it!!

Tallis and his monkey. He really likes to talk to it or tackle it.

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