Tuesday, February 8, 2011

22 Weeks Pregnant!!

So I have been craving sweets!! Lots of sweets!! I am trying to watch what I eat and not give into my cravings. Last thing I want is to feed the baby bad things and get gestational diabetes.
My cravings have been cupcakes, guava turnovers, doughnuts, fruit, ice cream and so on.
He is kicking tons and my belly is growing as always. I have seen woman give birth at my size. It is kind of freaking me out how big I am going to be when I give birth, LOL! Oh well every pregnacy is different and as long as he is healthy I am happy!!
I love talking to him all day and rubbing my belly where I can feel his back jump up or his little round head poke me. His feet love being in the lowest point of my uterus. So he kicks down there all the time and it is half tickling and half hurting. It's really cute when he wakes up in the morning and he rolls softly inside of me. I say good morning sweetheart!! And once he hears my voice he starts kicking and bouncing around in there :) I love it and it is my husbands highlight of the day to come home and sit on the couch with us and feel his son move in my tummy.
I really love those moments. They are so sweet... the Lord had blessed me with two of the worlds sweetest men. They have me wrapped around their fingers :)

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  1. I agree..I think that they can feel it even if you're rubbing lightly. My baby girl does the same thing, she gets very active when someone just puts their hand on my belly.