Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Weeks Pregnant- It's A BOY!!

Last Tuesday we went in for our sonogram. We got a shock when they told us that our baby is showing 19 weeks old at 18 weeks. And that it is a BOY!!! His feet are a inch long and he weights 9 oz's and has really long legs, and fingers!!! We could not get a good profile view, so we ended up with this one, LOL!
He was yawning, smiling, smacking his lips together. When we zoomed in on his hand, he was playing with his ear. It was so cute!! He would not sit still, which did not surprise me because he is always jumping and moving. I can't even count how many times he moves in one day, it is really non-stop. It was so wonderful to see and meet our little man. We are so blessed and happy that he is well and that his blood work came back normal. SO this weekend we wanted to surprise our families with a baby revealing party. We popped it on His parents at dinner with a candle in the baby that reads "It's A Boy" for his moms Birthday.
Then we showed them the video of the sonogram that my husband filmed.
The next day we went to the beach to see my family and it was my sisters Birthday, so I brought her out a cup cake with blue flowers on top and sang Happy Birthday to her, then my husband brought out a three tear cake stand with all the cup cakes on it. There were babies, baby feet, and baby bottles.
They were SO surprised!! And my brother in law says ITS A BOY! Then my sister says ITS A BOY!!! She loved her Birthday surprise!! We then showed them the video of the sonogram. It was a wonderful weekend and we enjoyed sharing this wonderful blessing with them all.
Thank you Lord for your many blessings.


  1. Even I do keep counting the days and weeks on fingers to complete my pregnancy, to hold the cute little baby in my arms. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and need to go take Ultra sound tomorrow. Wish everything is normal.

  2. I'm olso 18weeks guys I can't wait 2 see my little 1 on Monday,