Saturday, January 8, 2011

17 Weeks and 6 days Pregnant.

Sorry I got behind on Blogging this week. This past week we went to the doctor and he did all my blood work, urine, pap-smear, and heard the heartbeat. He looked at my cervix and he said it is closed and looks great. My uterus is measuring at 18 inches and he said I am right on target for my 17th week. He said we need to wait till I am 19-20 weeks pregnant before my insurance will cover my ultrasound... I was crushed... I was so looking forward to it and finding the sex out...

The fact that all my family is going to be in town this coming weekend was going to be perfect for a revealing party! My sister who lives in South Carolina and my other sister who lives in Panama City are coming down, as well as my mother-in-law. Now They gave us a little Build-A-Bear recorder and recorded the babys heartbeat on it for us to take home. So needless to say, I play it all the time. Once we find the out the gender, we are going to Build-A-Bear and do a boy or girl. then we are going to put the baby's heartbeat in it :)
It stinks being in transition and not having insurance, and our own place... We are moving to Australia at the end of July beginning of August after the baby is born for my husbands PhD in Sydney. So I'm feeling a bit out of sorts with not having my own home and not being able to nest and do a baby room for my little one. I could, but I'm just going to be here for a month in a 1/2 after the baby is born, so there is really no point in it. I feel like I am missing out on being a first time mom with the whole nursery thing. I really wanted one to come home to after the hospital... I have always dreamed about it, but at least I have this sweet baby and it won't know the difference... I will just do one in Sydney.

My lack of sleep and hormones are not helping the matter either. My tummy has grown so much in size/ weight that it is putting a lot of pressure, on my shoulders and hips when I sleep. My tummy is heavy and so are my boobs, they are killing me!!
If I just shift my weight on the couch, bed, walking, or graze them ever so softly, they start to sting and burn. This morning they were bright red. No fun... My poor husband is learning that they are hands off right now, even though they are very tempting to him, hahaha! He has been great about the whole thing and is very willing to help me out around the house when I pass out during the day. I have been going though dizzy spells and tingling head and the feeling of me passing out. This is just me sitting down. But when I stand up, I get really dizzy and light headed as well. This makes it really hard for me to do anything lately but to just sleep.

The upside to my 17th week is that I'm feeling the baby all the time now. Not just little flutters but kicks! I talk and sing to it all the time and my husband is getting a kick out of it as well, no pun intended ;) We are looking into a 2D-4D package. If we do a 2D to find out the sex of the baby we get a 4D 50% off. We are going to wait till the baby is about 30 weeks along before we do the 4D. With this package you get a DVD of the ultrasound with music playing on it, tons of photos to take home, plus a slide show of all the photos and a couple other goodies! The price is super cheap! I just want to remember this pregnancy for the rest of my life because it might be our only one. No one really understands that unless you have walked a mile in our shoes... This baby is so special to us and I tear up once a day, okay a lot... just thinking about the Lord blessing us with this amazing child and praising His name and thanking Him for His many blessings in our life.

I'm praying for those ladies out there still struggling to get pregnant. I really do know where you are, and the pain you are in... I hope that this IVF Blog is an encouragement to you. I never thought that we would be blessed with a child, but the Lord works in mysterious ways...
Don't give up.


  1. Yay for 17 weeks boo for moving to Australia. I thought we would get a little time for our little ones to meet. But Australia is amazing and I am so excited for you that you get to live there. Let me know how the pillow works out for you, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. They will hear the heartbeat is fine and want to do another ultrasound to see what the gender is. Ask if they can see the gender. Good luck to you on finding out the sex of your baby! AND, I assure you that I will also pray for those who struggle to be pregnant..