Monday, October 24, 2011

It's been a hard month, but a blessed one.

So I spent a week in the hospital because I had a TON of stones in my gallbladder.It was very inflamed and pushing on my diaphragm and I could not breath on top of throwing up constantly. I thought I was having a heart attack because everything was pushing on my heart and lungs. They removed my gallbladder, but when they did it shot out two gallstones into my pancreas and caused pancreatitis and my liver to swell up and produce 20 times the inzimes it should of. So they put a picc IV under mu arm because my veins were shutting down and blowing. Then they went back in to get the two gallstones stuck in my bile duct and the next day my IV picc line had caused two blood clots (called DVT) deep vein thrombosis. So now I'm on blood thinners for the next three months... They formed right under my arm pit. Because it's so close to my heart and lungs they are keeping a eye on me and trying to keep my blood levels in the 2.0's. If it is in the 1.0's my bloods to thick if it's in the 3.0's it's to thin. Right now it dropped from a 3.3 to a 1.8. My body is not liking the 2.0's. Just pray it gets there and evens out. I go in next Friday to review the blood work they did on me in the hospital. Hopefully my blood is healthy and that this blood clot is all a one time thing :)

Tallis visiting mommy in the Hospital.

Tallis reading Grandma and cat a book :)

Daddy feeding Tallis

Tallis tries rice cereal for the first time.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tallis 3 1/2 Months old

In Honer and Memory of...

This ring is what my husband got for me for my Birthday this year. The Pearl is Tallis' Birthstone and the sapphires are the birthstones for September which is the month our little embryos where created. It is in memory of the ones we lost and still have waiting. This ring means a lot to me and is a constant reminder of Gods grace and will for our life. No matter how painful our life can be it is a great comfort to know that God is in control of all things.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tallis 3 months old

My sweet baby boy is getting so big and turning into such a handsome little man :) He is such a sweet baby and loves to snuggle. Tallis has gotten into this habit of these high pitch screeches. It's quite funny but very loud!! He giggles, smiles and lets you know when he is frustrated by kicking his feet and screaming at you with a very intense look on his face. He loves his bath time and his favorite song is Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory. Whenever he is upset and I sing him that song and he falls right to sleep, or just sits there very calm. It's so funny! Thank you Big Bang Theory for the song on your show. I started singing it as a joke but he really does love it!!

Tallis and his monkey. He really likes to talk to it or tackle it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tallis With His Mommy and Daddy :)

The past couple days have been great. He's been sleeping through the night. I'v had to wake him up to feed at 5:30am because I was about to pop. I'm praying this lasts. I need the rest. He finally had his first nap today as well and slept for two hours!! I got some house work done and
and he was much more chill because of it. He is going to bed at 10:30pm as well. Loving having a schedule now :) He is getting so big and has the cutest personality. He just sits there and coos at us. We love it!!! He is such a joy in our life and such a blessing :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Birthing Story

Let me start off by saying that this was a tough pregnancy. I started off with being hyper-stimulated from IVF, really bad round ligament pain, Kidney Stones, nerve problems, Back Problems and really bad swelling of hands legs and feet. So needless to say I was ready for Tallis to be born, LOL! It was the day Justin and I had talked about ever since we got married. What it would be like. How would we handle it, most importantly how would I handle giving birth.
Well at 39 weeks I was ready. I could not sleep or walk and I was just plan miserable. My tummy had gotten SO big and it was pretty much all water. So I read where you could do foot reflexology to throw your body into labor naturally. SO I talked my very worried husband into it. It was a Sunday and Justin had gone to church with out me that morning and I was in so much pain that it felt like my tummy was going to just fall off from all the weight of the baby and water. I was living on the couch had been for quite sometime. So He gets home from Church and I said Please, Please, Please can you do the reflexology on me today. He said okay if it is safe I will do it. So we ate lunch and watched a movie. I believe I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke Justin asked if I wanted to go to Evening worship. I said no and I want you to stay home with me because I'm not feeling very good. So he sat back down on the couch and started to rub my feet and do the pressure points to help me progress. At this point I was 2cm dilated and 60% effaced that Thursday when I was checked out. He did pressure points for about thirty min then we headed for the bedroom. When I got up to go to the bedroom I had a sharp pain on my lower left side. I chalked it up to it being ligament pain. I laid down in bed for about 15 min. I felt like I had to go potty so I got up and had that sharp pain again for a split second and at 7:00pm BAM, SPLASH, GUSH!!! My water broke!!! Everywhere! It was like someone had turned the faucet on and I could not turn it off. It was the weirdest thing!! I looked at Justin and he looked at me and I said MY WATER BROKE!!! His eye were huge and said OH MY GOSH, WHAT DO WE DO??! He started running around the house laughing, yelling, jumping up and down. I kept saying it worked! IT REALLY WORKED!! He called the midwife and she told us to take showers, pack our bags and don't panic. DONT PANIC!? Really??? We waited so long for this and it was here! It was really here!! We get to hold our son and kiss him and tell him we love him and how mommy and daddy has waited so long for him! So I took a shower and did my make-up. At this time I had no contractions. Justin during this time was calling every one and there brother yelling Laura's water broke!! So Justin's mom was out of town and missed the flight for the night but his dad was in town and came to take us to the hospital. My mom, sister and her daughter were on there way. I was packing like a fool, making sure we were prepared for our journey and BAM! Contractions start at 8:00pm. I was having back contractions and they were awful!! I could not stand when they hit. I started practicing breathing but I could not breath when I was going threw them. How am I suppose to breath going threw this pain! They were 7 min apart and were getting closer each time. By the time we got to the hospital I was 5 min apart. They take me right into labor and delivery to check me out. I was 90% effaced and 3cm dilated at 9:00pm. They hooked me up to the machines to keep an eye on Me and Tallis. He was doing great. Strong heartbeat and by this time I was 3 min apart. My mom and sister show up for the party at about 9:30-10:00pm?? I can't really remember. But I do remember the horrible pain I was in. Now my contractions were piggy backing each other. First my back then my front. they were now a minute apart. It was horrible!! I was yelling for drugs about 3-4 hours into Labor. I said please help me!! I need something, anything!! I was about 5-6cm and 100% effaced. While we waited for the epidural they gave me some pain meds. I felt relaxed and high as a kite... It was great. I could finally breath... The next thing I knew, they came in and gave me an epidural. When they where putting it in I had a contraction and then Tallis kicked me really hard, so I jumped and I got yelled at... But she finally put it in and I felt it work within a min. The problem was that it worked to well and I could not move my legs and at this time they checked me and he was sunny side up. So I laid on my right side then left side, back and forth for a couple hours. During this time Justin got some sleep, I did not... Then all of a sudden Tallis heart rate had dropped during contractions, so they put a thing on top of his head to keep his heart rate on the monitor. They checked me out and said time to try to push him down into the canal. I could not hold my legs to push. It was like holding 1,000 pounds and the baby was not moving into the canal. So my nurse took the end of the bed off and made me sit up so that Tallis could drop. He finally did after an 1 1/2 it was about 4:30? Now it was go time again!! But I could not feel to push so my midwife slowed the epidural down enough for me to feel the pressure to push. I pushed for about an hour and my midwife said if we don't get him out in 30 min we will do a C-section. I said heck no, so I pushed so hard that I got ripped on the inside canal. I was now bleeding a lot and she could not stop the bleeding till he was born and he was not coming out. So my mid-wife pulled out the BIG mirror for me to watch my progression and for me to hold him in place till next push. I was pushing like a maniac, so much so that they told me to slow down. He was racing out of me and there was his little head popping out. I had my husband holding one leg, my sister holding the other one and mom holding my head up to help me push. Everyone in the room was so excited and cheering me on. I was so excited that I started to cry when I saw his little face in the mirror. But there was a problem... He had the cord around his little neck. They got it off and I was off pushing again and then his shoulder got stuck. My midwife had to reach under his arm and pull him out. They cut the cord and put him on my tummy. He gasped for air and was purple... They took him from me to get him breathing. they worked on him for 15 min and Justin stayed with him and kept reciting bible verses to him and held his little hand to get him breathing. Meanwhile I was being stitched up. I was so worried and kept yelling, is he okay??!! Justin reassured me that he was fine. At that time my midwife was telling me how messed up I was on the inside and that it was like putting a puzzle together. She told me I was shredded... As soon as she finished I delivered my placenta. It was HUGE! Just like delivering all over again. The birthing process was not what I expected and the recovery was long and hard, but worth it to be able to hold my little man... Justin was in charge of changing Tallis for a week and holding me up and walking me to the bathroom. I have never been so happy and in so much pain in all my life. We are so happy and feel so blessed to have him. Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers. We can't wait to go back for the three we have left in the UK. Hopefully Tallis will have little brothers and sisters :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tummy and Back TIme!!

He loves to just lay down and just kick. He LOVES to kick, hence my tummy being very sore when I was pregnant, LOL! He is very active. I am going to have my hands full when he starts to crawl and pull up.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tallis is 2 months old!!

I know it has been way to long, but having a newborn really does take up tons of time and energy :) Justin and I have been having so much fun with Tallis. Bath time, nap time, feeding , burping, pooping, peeing (and yes he will get you with pee if you don't cover his who-who first, LOL! ) He has gotten SO big and is smiling now and even giggles in his sleep. We love to just sit and talk to him and try to make him smile. He is fitting into his 3 month clothes now. He is already 24" long and 11 lbs! I'm breast feeding him and it took me a good 3-4 weeks just to get it down and to where it did not hurt anymore. People who say breast feeding is not suppose to hurt have never had my jaws of life baby :) No matter who you are the first time you breast feed it is going to hurt. Even more so when you get clogged ducts and nipple blips (white milk blister on the tip of your nipple). Your boobs are not use to something sucking hard on them. Even with him having the nipple at the back of his throat and a good latch, it HURT!! But now my boobs are use to it that it does not even phase me. Every woman's boobs are different sensitivity wise and shape as well as every baby is different. You just need to stick with it and don't get discouraged by others out there discouraging you, the pain does stop (Till you get another clogged duct) and the baby does learn how to breast feed properly with your help of unlatching and re-latching him properly. Just ask a friend who has been through it, your mid-wife, or a nurse. It has gotten to where I just pop him on with no help from me, he knows what to do and I did it all on my own. Moms just know what to do, it is in our nature. So don't give up, it does and will get better.
Here are some photos of our little man. He is such a joy in our life and waking up every morning is like Christmas!! Even his little cries are super cute!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Tallis :)

He is now gaining 2oz a day and is back up to his birth weight!! Yay!! He is doing great breast feeding and is such a sweet baby :) I could not ask for more.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tallis Corban Eugene Estrada is HERE!!!

Sunday June-5th at 7:00 my water broke at home, and by 5:56am Monday morning out popped our little guy. He entered the world 7.14 pounds and 20 inches long with a head full of hair. He is the sweetest baby :) We love to sit and look at him and kiss his little feet and chubby cheeks :) The first week was a bit tough because I had internal tearing and stitching. They almost did a
C-Section on me, but I pushed threw it. We have been in love ever since. He took to breast feeding right away and my milk came on day 3. I am so very tired and sore but it is so worth waking up next to him every day and seeing that beautiful little face... Here are some photo's of him. I will post more later :) Love, Laura