Monday, December 20, 2010

15 weeks Pregnant!!

We finally got a appointment with an Ob-Gyn on Jan-3rd. I will be exactly 17 weeks pregnant then and we are hoping to find out the sex!! We are SUPER excited and can't wait till we get to see the baby. The last time we saw the wee one it was 10 weeks old. I have yet to have an examination so they are going to do blood work, ultrasound, an internal exam and hopefully I get to meet my midwife. I have heard from several people that this doctor is awesome, and will calm our nerves about this pregnancy. My belly has changed shape and is now more like a little basketball. You can see where the uterus is sticking out above the pubic bone. I am feeling the baby a lot now. Just little flutters and more so at night when I am laying down going to sleep. They are light but concentrated in the same spot every time. I am loving it!! I can't wait to post photos of the baby on Jan-3rd, but I wont tell everyone the sex till we have our baby gender reveling party :)


  1. The uterus is actually sticking out over the bladder. :) That is why you have to pee all the time!

    My friends had a gender reveal party not too long ago. Super cute idea. Another couple I know got their ultrasound reading sealed into an envelope, took it to the baker and had the baker make a cake with the socially appropriate color covered in white icing. So, not even the parents knew until the cake was cut. SO CUTE. It seems like they had a blast. :) Looking forward to pics from yours.

  2. Hey it is a nice idea of baking a cake the way it looks in ultra sound. Hey just keep adding the photos they look so cute. I am 15 weeks pregnant now and sensing the same kind of bumps. So excited :)