Sunday, November 7, 2010

9 weeks Pregnant.

No body tells you all the strange things that happen to you during your pregnancy. So I will tell you what I have been dealing with.
Now remember I am also dealing with hyper-stimulation from the IVF. It is where my ovaries are enlarged. My tummy is really big and is not going to go down till I deliver this little miracle growing inside of me. But all this is worth it in the end when I get to hold baby Estrada :)

1. Constipation:
And when I say that, I mean it to the most extreme you can think of and very painful I have been eating prunes, salads and fruit. Still very little movement down there.

2. My lower back is killing me:
When I stand for more than 10 min, my lower back starts to ache really bad. So bad that I now have a pinched nerve on my hip/ Butt and the pain radiates down to my knee on my right leg. It is really hard for me to walk and the only thing that seems to help it for about 10 minutes is stretching in the warm shower. I bend over and try to touch my toes while the hot water runs down my lower back. It helps loosens those muscles.

3. Cramping/ spotting:
I have really kind of stopped seeing blood. It is brown now and only once every 3 days? The cramping comes and goes and they are light pinches and I talk to the baby and say it is okay... Grow baby grow!!

4. Insomnia:
I have been waking up ever since my 5th week all night to pee and then as well as 5:00am but I am always too sleepy to even open my eyes, but my brain is running till about 7:00am. It does not matter how much I do during the day or how little.

5. Sleeping during the day:
This started around my 7th week of pregnancy and has not let up. I hit a wall during the day and pass out even if I am in a public place.

6. Sort Temper:
I'm guessing this is from either my hormones mixed with me being hungry/ nauseous at the same time, but being sleepy all the time does not help either. I am not taking crap from people... If you are inconsiderate, uncaring, or snap at me for no reason, I will flip out. I am usually a pretty happy go lucky person, but I have found myself being very emotional and easier to tick off. And trust my husband, you don't want to get on my bad side right now. I have been doing a lot of praying for the Lord to calm my spirit and temper, but man, pregnant Laura is very moody and cries a lot!! Sorry in advance if I am a little short with you. It is not you, it is me and I am just trying to cope with all the stuff my body is going through. The only thing besides Christ that calms me down is my husband, and knowing that I have a baby growing inside of me right now. I guess the stress of loosing this little one is always in the back of my mind as well and that does not help... So I am not taking one day for granted.

7. Pee all the time: This is NO lie!! I pee every 30 minutes all day long and again all during the night. I get up about 4 times during the night and run into the wall half the time. No wonder my body aches...

Hope this helps you feel like your not alone in dealing with all of these things. It can be very wearing on your body, but just think about the wonderful outcome!!


  1. Just want to let you know I'm keeping up with your blog and I'm excited to see your posts as you journey through such a huge blessing. You're beautiful, love the pictures!

  2. Thank you :) We loving reading what new things our little one is up to each week! It is like opening a surprise to see how far the baby has come. Can't wait for our 10 week check up on Tuesday!! I hope I get to see he/ she jumping or moving :)