Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I took the test the doctors gave me to take for today, even though I cheated and took my own on Sunday morning, LOL! The line is darker and looking good!! Still cramping but no spotting. I am feeling some pressure in my lower abdomen, and I am guess it is from all the cramping and growth going on down there :) Two weeks we go in to see the babies!!


  1. Yay! I am having some pressure and "bloating" I guess down there too. The Captain says it is all in my head. NOT! Looking good!

  2. Yeah it is definitely not in your head. Your muscles will start to get sore above your belly and down below. All those muscles have never been stretched like this before. So it is going to take some getting use to. Even more so if we have twins! LOL! Also no pregnancy is the same. More so ours because we have done IVF and our bellies are already big and are just going to get bigger :) I have my ultrasound October-21st!! YAY!