Monday, October 4, 2010


So I have been worried sick with all this heavy cramping this weekend. I have not had any spotting, but when I have cramps like this it is never a good sign... So I snuck up-stairs while my husband was sleeping and I took the extra test out of the closet, slipped into the bathroom on my tip toes and tinkled on the stick, I say tinkled because I have been going to the bathroom every hour on the hour and it was more of a half a pee...LOL! Sorry Kim, I know you hate that word, hahaha :)
But when I saw what popped up next I was floored!!! BFP!!!!! (BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!)
I started sobbing and praising God for the little miracles inside of me. 3 years of trying and having a negative every month to finally seeing a positive throws you for a loop! I never thought we would get pregnant. But through God, all things are possible!!!!
I really wanted to do something special to surprise my husband but I was just so overcome with joy that I ran into the bedroom plopped on top of him and whispered in his ear.... YOUR- A- DADDY.... He perked up and said what? I said YOUR- A- DADDY!! I just took a test and it is positive!!
He said let me see!!!! He jumped out of bed and I ran to get the test off the back of the toilet, sink, window ledge? I can't remember anything after I took it because I was to busy THANKING THE LORD and crying!! I brought it back in and showed him.
He flung open the curtains to get a good look at it and started tearing up and jumping up and down shouting I'M A DAD!!! AND YOUR A MOM!! WE'RE PARENTS!!!!!!!! We hugged each other so tight and he kissed my belly and told them he loves them and that he is their father... It was so sweet...
We are amazed and overjoyed that it has finally happened to us. All the cramping was the two little ones burrowing deep inside of me and my cervix closing for the next 9 months! My friend who also had Endometriosis as well said that she had sever cramping as well. Just a lovely side effect of pregnancy for us Endo girls. She said hers stopped around 6 weeks pregnant.
We go in to see the doctors in two weeks (6 weeks Pregnant) so that we can see them. We are praying they are both there thriving and ready to greet us :)
Please keep praying that they stay there safe and secure and that I have a safe and productive pregnancy. Telling our parents and siblings yesterday was so much fun!
The best is telling the moms. They were overjoyed!! My mom jumped up and said I need to get the family!! They came in the room thinking I had bad news to tell, but to see my sister Liz's face light up with joy for us was wonderful!! My mother in-law even cried which in turn made us cry!! She has been itching to buy baby clothes for the past couple years, LOL! The reality of all of this is slowing sinking in for us... Even though we are in the UK, we feel everyone's love from the States and can't wait to introduce our little ones to our family and friends
June-13th-2011!!!! We are only telling Blog friends and family, so NO FACEBOOK posts for a while... :) Thank you for all the prayers and please continue to pray for us during the first trimester... Love you all, Justin and Laura


  1. WHOO HOO! I couldn't be more excited right now. I am actually sitting at my desk crying for you right now. YOU'RE PREGNANT!!! Have you shouted it from the roof tops yet? Congratulations, momma!

  2. Unbelievably great news to start off this Monday morning.:) So blessed to be a part of your journey!

  3. Thank you!!! We are jumping out of our skin!!

  4. Yay!!! You are so blessed and lucky! Praise GOD! I'm looking forward to following your pregnancy. :) :) :)