Friday, October 29, 2010

Another scare this morning...

I started bleeding again this morning around 7:00am and it was a med-heavy bleed. Period like but no cramping... We called the clinic and they had me come in right away. The doctor put me on bed rest till the bleeding stops, I told him I have been on bed rest for the past month, LOL! He said for whatever reason my uterus is shedding access stuff and is getting rid of it. But that it is normal. I'm not cramping just bleeding and it has stopped again. A few blood clots here and there but nothing big. It seems to go through peeks and valleys. He said drink lots of water so that my uterus mussels will relax. The baby looks perfect and safe and the sack looks thick and high up in the uterus. So it is the bottom half that is shedding. I am in bed now and will stay here for a couple days. We got to see the face today, legs, arms, eye and nose. It has chubby cheeks!! Here is the photo.
Love, Laura

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