Saturday, October 9, 2010

4 Weeks and 5 days Pregnant.

I woke up this morning to VERY sore breasts. I feel like some one has been using them as punching bags. Still cramping and the morning sickness is more of an all day thing. My uterus feels a bit heavy as well as lots of pressure. I think me taking the 800mg of progesterone a day has caused my Endo to flair up a bit on the outside of my uterus. But all in all I am doing good and getting excited over this upcoming ultrasound!!!! I pray our little ones are safe and thriving inside of me. It is slowly sinking in that we are pregnant. I can't wait to start a nursery... This has been such a dream of mine ever sense we got married. Buying a crib set and finding little things that make the nursery so cozy, sweet and calming. We are going to be going through a major change this coming month with us moving. So please pray we have a smooth transition and I can start to nest and feel okay with all the changes to come. I could really use prayer right now.
Thank you friends, Laura

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