Friday, September 17, 2010


Okay!! The results are in.....

After I had a nurse use a very painful internal ultrasound on me while I winced on the table and squeezing my poor husbands had half to death. She told me that I have tons of follicles!! The nurse said it is no wonder I am in so much pain because my ovaries are HUGE!! She told me that I am ready to have them taken out today but we of course need to wait and see what the Dr. says today at 2:30. I think we are looking at a egg retrieval on Monday morning. I have 14 fully developed follicle in my right and I think around 10-12 in my Left ovary. We are not sure that all of them have eggs but as it stands it looks like a ton!! My tummy is SO bloated and it hurts for me to just sit, I have to lay down because of the pressure. Pray these last couple of days go smooth and fast. I have to take the last shot 35 hours before egg retrieval. So I believe I will be doing the shot on Saturday. Not sure what time? Please keep praying for this to work and for Justin to do well on his exams Monday-Thursday.
We love you all, Laura :)


  1. I was reading your update as you were commenting on my blog. too funny. Praying for a smooth and fast weekend! I can't believe your retrieval is right around the corner.

  2. So excited for you guys! We're praying:)