Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday Transfer @ 10:00am

Okay... I had a good cry this morning when I got the call about our 3 day old embryos. 5 out of 8 of them are A/B quality= GREAT! But the remaining 3 out of the 8 are growing very slow... I know they are still so small but they are our babies and we want them all to survive. We are doing a Saturday transfer with one of the 5 A/ B quality babies. Saturday it reaches blastocyst stage (the stage it reaches right before it hatches and attaches to the uterus). I am happy we are waiting till then. It will give my body some time to calm down and a better chance for attachment.
As for the 3 that are not growing very fast, they are going to let them keep growing up to 7 days so they can catch up and freeze the ones that don't pass away... That is going to be a hard day for us if we get that news... We want them all to be heathy and survive. So please pray for our tiny babies, Justin and me. We know it is all in God's hands so we are trusting in Him and finding comfort that this is all going to work out for His glory...

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