Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family and Friends are a blessing...

My bloating has doubled in size and my pain has gotten worse. I asked the embryologist if that is normal and she said yes and to just keep drinking water and stand up every once in a while. I said well I have no choice but to stand every 20-30min when my bladder feels like it is going to burst! She also told me that if the embryos look good on Thursday we are going to do a Saturday transfer. If not and they are not looking very good they are going to put one in on Thursday at 3:00 and let the rest keep maturing then freeze them till next time.

Justin and I have so much on our plate right now and it is an emotional roller-coaster... With Visa stuff, his exams this week and all the IVF procedures and pain, we are spent emotionally. But having friends and family in our lives, praying, helping, and encouraging us, means a lot. we love sharing this with those we love and care about.
My mom got so excited to hear that we have 8 embryos. It was good to see her smile and get excited over this. It is nice to share this exciting news with you mom and thank you for the prayers. I know it is hard for you not being here for me, but you are here in my heart and it is all in the Lords hands. He is taking very good care of me :)
Thank you Liz and Leslie for calling me yesterday to see how I was and getting excited with Justin and me. It means a lot to us that you both are there for us. We loved sharing this happy news with both of you.
Thank you Manny, Kim and Kalie for all the prayers and encouragement, we love you all so very much and are so blessed to have you all in our life and sharing this with you :)
We want our families to know that it helps to ease our anxiety when they show interest and excitement with us. So please keep up the encouraging words and joy for the life the Lord has created this week. Eight tiny lives that now belong to this loving family...
The Lord has blessed us with such sweet friends that call, come over, makes us dinner while I am on bed rest, or driving us to our appointment on Monday, it was such a blessing. You find out a lot about who is really there for you in a crunch. I hope I can be as good as a friend to them as they have been to me. Thank you Oxford friends...It means a lot to us. You are our family and we are so blessed to have you in our life. And for the offers of making meals for us from Kelli's friend to whom I have not even met was so sweet... Thank you :) Oh and Kelli, thank you for the BEST chicken pot pie I have ever had!! That is all I have eaten for the past two days, LOL!
Please keep praying for us and for the Lord to allow this door to be opened...
We really want to hold our baby and love it with all that we have. It would bring so much joy into our home...


  1. Our nurse told me to drink lots of high sodium drinks to reduce the bloating NOT water. Try drinking some Gatorade or V8 juice to help.

  2. I just told my husband that tonight. I read your blog and said I wish I had Gatorade... I don't think they have that here in the UK, But he is going to look for me tomorrow. My bloating is unreal!!! Kind of scary...