Sunday, September 19, 2010

BIG Day Tomorrow!

I can't believe it is already here! No more drugs.. Well that is not entirely true.. I have that wonderful little suppository tomorrow morning... Can we just say yuck and get it out of the way? But the up side of it all (No pun intended) is that it is going to make me feel like I am on cloud nine! On top of that I will have a nice little needle going in on top of my hand pumping me with the good juice of Oh-YEAH! I won't feel a thing until tomorrow night and by then I will be fast asleep hopefully...
Then we just wait till we get that all important phone call to let us know how many babies we will have on Tuesday!! Yippee!! Please pray that the Lord will keep his hand of protection on them and that they progress nicely for transfer on Friday.
Love you friends and family

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