Tuesday, September 21, 2010

8 babies!!

I Just got the call from the embryologist and she informed me that we have 8 embryos. They are going to leave them alone for 48 hours and look at them again early Thursday morning and call us at 8:00-9:00am to let us know which ones are still growing and doing well. We are scheduled to do implanting at 3:00pm Thursday afternoon if the embryos are not multiplying quite as fast. But if they are they are going to do it on Saturday. I am so excited and had a good cry this morning over it. This whole process is so emotional and is so real... We have 8 babies right now and we praise God for them. I will probably be shocked for the next couple of days as well as weeping and praying for our babies non-stop. Please pray they do well and that they keep maturing and growing strong as well as my uterus. Please pray for protection over my uterus and for the Lord to make it nice and cozy for the little embryo that is going to put inside of me.
Thank you Lord Jesus for making this possible!!! We are so blessed...

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  1. So amazing!! Praying with you and for you Justin and Laura!!