Thursday, August 12, 2010

There Here!!

The Sharps Box and Medical Bag for travel use.

Progesterone suppositories.
I take these after egg retrieval till implanting the embryo.
Two boxes of these.
Not thrilled about this part...

This is my sniffing drug on the left.
I do this for two to three weeks. Starting Aug-20th
Then the one one the right is the Pen.
I inject myself in the tummy or thigh twice a day For 8 days.
I have two boxes of the Pen and two bottles of the sniffing hormone.

Progesterone Shot.
Last one day before Egg retrieval. This one is going to sting... The Juice in there is very thick and has to be injected slowly.. Eeekk!

We got a knock at the door at 10:00am this morning and Justin ran downstairs and signed for the box while I was stumbling out of bed half asleep because I could not sleep with a killer migraine pounding from the inside out. Anywho, back to the matter at hand.

We received two boxes taped together. In one box there was a Styrofoam cooler with the syringes and liquid hormones and in the other box there was a medical carrying bag with a syringe deposit box to put all used sharps in as well as nasal spray's and suppositories. One set of the Suppositories are for pain the day of egg retrieval (What ever happened to pain pills)??
The thought of putting something up my bum, just freaks me out! Justin thinks this is funny, I on the other hand... do not.

On top of it all, they set the date for egg retrieval which came in the mail today right after the box arrived and it is on the same week my husband has his exams Sep-20th... Does anything come easy for us?? My poor husband will be working very hard and trying to focus on his exams and I will be freaking out dealing with pain and bed-rest. This is when I wish family lived closer...

I just have to stop, breath, and thank God for this opportunity and hopefully receive a baby at the end of all this.
We have gone through a lot in our marriage and this is just another hurtle we can jump over together.
Please pray all this goes smooth sailing for us here on out and that the Lord gives us peace during this time.


  1. Our retrieval is Sept 21-23 (somewhere in there) right when my cousin is bringing her daughter here to go to Disney for her first birthday. Really? We just can't catch a break, huh?

    I can't to get my meds in the mail!

  2. P.S. The Med's really do confirm the situation.. Having them in your hands... this is really happening and soon. Very exciting!!