Friday, August 13, 2010

Blood test Set.

My first appointment is Tuesday September-7th. At that time I will have my blood test and sonogram to measure my follicles and hormone levels. Then that Thursday September-9th I start my injections to mature my eggs in the follicals. Woohoo!!
If you don't know me very well, I have a HUGE fear of needles!! I mean sweating palms, racing heart, fainting and all. My husband will be in charge of this at home. I know the needle is small, but the thought of it piercing my skin is more than I can handle. Please pray for me to get through this. And for me not to freak my husband out with my overreacting. Now every time I open the fridge there they are staring right back at me... mocking me, waiting for the time where they will stick me in the tummy and cause me to whence and gain weight from all the hormones.
I laughed at the pamphlet they gave me to go over. They said that the sniffing drug will cause bloating and migraines. I already have sever bloating from my endometriosis as well as migraines. SO I guess it won't be much of a stretch for me. What the heck, go ahead and make me look like I am 6 months pregnant instead of 4 months. And I can have even more children and women come up to me and ask when I am due, LOL!
Justin and I laugh about things like this all the time. We think that laughter is the best thing for stress, and if you don't laugh at your situation who will? We have gotten use to things going very wrong, and we know that the Lord is right there with us encouraging us through our laughter and tears. Yes, I have done both at the same time on many occasions. Once you start laughing about it you can't stop. You should try it sometime. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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