Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You Lord for Sweet Friends...

I have been in bed all day Sunday and Monday with heavy bleeding and cramping. I am starting to dread sniffing morning and night, because I know my symptoms are just going to get worse...
but what makes this time so much better is the friends the Lord has placed in our life. Friends calling me up and asking if I need anything and bringing me flowers to help cheer me up. The Lord is so gracious to me and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Oxford... Thank you sweet friends for loving me and encouraging me through this time...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Pain is Everywhere...

This pain won't let up... The drug I am on is making me really sick. I am cramping heavily and my down regulation bleed has started full force today and it is HEAVY... I didn't know that I was going to be this sick. I can't even get off the couch long enough to take a shower before my cramping starts up and I am am hunched over in tears. It feels like my uterus is on fire, my breasts feel like that are falling off and my tummy is so bloated that it is hard as a rock... Please Lord let me get through this. My husband had to go to church today with out me... I am so sick of pain running my life... I am sick of feeling sick. I pray this pregnancy works and that my Endo is put in hibernation for the next 9 months and that I can finally hold my precious baby... Sorry for the venting but, I am just so sleepy and warn out from not sleeping well on this drug and can't get any relief from all this pain in my abdomen. Justin is picking me up a heating pad tonight. Thank you Lord for heating pads. I would be on ibuprofen, but they said I can't take that on this drug and the one I can take, does not even touch the pain... Please pray for the Lord to give me some relief from this pain and for me to get some rest... I can't sleep when I am hurting so much...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Have Achieved Down Regulation!!

YAY!!! I am spotting! This means I have hit down regulation as planned! Not so happy about the sever pain I have been going through every 2 minuets, but would rather have it than for it not to work. Pray the bleeding continues and we can start injections on

What I am dealing with right now:
I can't walk with out my boobs killing me... They are so sensitive and HUGE. My tummy is so bloated and I am dealing with very bad cramps..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Side Effects.

I am on day-8 of down regulation and I believe I have reached all the horrid side effect one can get on this stuff.

Heavy Bloating
Sore Breasts
Larger Breasts
Heavy Cramping
heart palpitations
feeling on edge...
Crying a lot

But surpassingly enough my mood has been great! My husband said I seem less stressed out and more lovey dovey :)
I was supposed to start my cycle yesterday but not even spotting...? I normally spot three days before my cycle because of my Endometriosis, but nothing. I guess this means it is working but it might take a bit longer for me?

Any-who... My next Apt. is Sep-7th for blood work. Pray I get to base line soon so we can start injections on Sep-9th :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

On The Emotional Merry Go Round...

These hormones are messing with me. Today I laughed so hard and it turned into me crying, like me wanting to sob and I could not stop... Big fat tears rolled down my face for a good five minutes.
So weird... I was so embarrassed, my husband just thought I was still laughing, but little did he know, I was freaking out! Plus I am cramping a lot as well. They said the down regulation period is suppose to be heavy and long.. YAY! Oh and did I mention heavy bloating. I am supposed to start in 3-4 days. I pray my down regulation is going as planed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Three of Sniffing Hormone. (AKA) My 32nd Birthday.

My husband took me to place called Shanghai 30's for my Birthday tonight. Then we went to see the movie Salt. Action pack girl power movie, to which I sniffed in the middle of at 10:00pm :) Good day all in all, but the hormones are making me feel nerves, shaky, Bloated as well as headaches... It is only day three. I also started cramping on my way home tonight... I don't know if that is a good sign or not? Oh well, I am just chilling and trying not to stress too much about it.
I will keep the updates coming...
Love, Laura

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Drink for hopefully 10 months.

My Birthday is on Saturday and I am starting my hormone therapy on Friday. I can't drink on my Birthday, so My husband and a friend of ours went out last night for appetizers and cocktails to celebrate my 32 Birthday in style. I love Martinis so I got one, last one for hopefully the next 10 months. Kind of a Birthday/ IVF kick off party! It was fun and relaxing...
I recommend doing this before you start your IVF treatment.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Next Step...

On Aug-20th... Day before my 32nd Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me. Menopause at 32, LOL!

I start sniffing the nasal spray, twice morning twice at night.
These drugs block the link between the pituitary gland in the brain and the ovaries,

preventing premature ovulation and allowing accurate control of the treatment cycle. This

is the period of “down-regulation”. As the woman reaches down regulation, she should

experience a withdrawal bleed and may experience some of the side effects of the

menopause such as headaches, hot flushes and not feeling as cheerful as usual.

2 – 3

weeks later

the Down Regulation blood test (September-7th)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blood test Set.

My first appointment is Tuesday September-7th. At that time I will have my blood test and sonogram to measure my follicles and hormone levels. Then that Thursday September-9th I start my injections to mature my eggs in the follicals. Woohoo!!
If you don't know me very well, I have a HUGE fear of needles!! I mean sweating palms, racing heart, fainting and all. My husband will be in charge of this at home. I know the needle is small, but the thought of it piercing my skin is more than I can handle. Please pray for me to get through this. And for me not to freak my husband out with my overreacting. Now every time I open the fridge there they are staring right back at me... mocking me, waiting for the time where they will stick me in the tummy and cause me to whence and gain weight from all the hormones.
I laughed at the pamphlet they gave me to go over. They said that the sniffing drug will cause bloating and migraines. I already have sever bloating from my endometriosis as well as migraines. SO I guess it won't be much of a stretch for me. What the heck, go ahead and make me look like I am 6 months pregnant instead of 4 months. And I can have even more children and women come up to me and ask when I am due, LOL!
Justin and I laugh about things like this all the time. We think that laughter is the best thing for stress, and if you don't laugh at your situation who will? We have gotten use to things going very wrong, and we know that the Lord is right there with us encouraging us through our laughter and tears. Yes, I have done both at the same time on many occasions. Once you start laughing about it you can't stop. You should try it sometime. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If we get pregnant Next Month.

If this round of IVF works next month,
the Due Date would be:
June-13th 2011.

There Here!!

The Sharps Box and Medical Bag for travel use.

Progesterone suppositories.
I take these after egg retrieval till implanting the embryo.
Two boxes of these.
Not thrilled about this part...

This is my sniffing drug on the left.
I do this for two to three weeks. Starting Aug-20th
Then the one one the right is the Pen.
I inject myself in the tummy or thigh twice a day For 8 days.
I have two boxes of the Pen and two bottles of the sniffing hormone.

Progesterone Shot.
Last one day before Egg retrieval. This one is going to sting... The Juice in there is very thick and has to be injected slowly.. Eeekk!

We got a knock at the door at 10:00am this morning and Justin ran downstairs and signed for the box while I was stumbling out of bed half asleep because I could not sleep with a killer migraine pounding from the inside out. Anywho, back to the matter at hand.

We received two boxes taped together. In one box there was a Styrofoam cooler with the syringes and liquid hormones and in the other box there was a medical carrying bag with a syringe deposit box to put all used sharps in as well as nasal spray's and suppositories. One set of the Suppositories are for pain the day of egg retrieval (What ever happened to pain pills)??
The thought of putting something up my bum, just freaks me out! Justin thinks this is funny, I on the other hand... do not.

On top of it all, they set the date for egg retrieval which came in the mail today right after the box arrived and it is on the same week my husband has his exams Sep-20th... Does anything come easy for us?? My poor husband will be working very hard and trying to focus on his exams and I will be freaking out dealing with pain and bed-rest. This is when I wish family lived closer...

I just have to stop, breath, and thank God for this opportunity and hopefully receive a baby at the end of all this.
We have gone through a lot in our marriage and this is just another hurtle we can jump over together.
Please pray all this goes smooth sailing for us here on out and that the Lord gives us peace during this time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

We Got The Med Call

We get our med's in on this Thursday morning Aug-12th. I can't believe how fast all this is going. I have the tiniest fridge here in the UK (Dorm room size) so I need to make room for my injections... This should be tricky... Photos to come when they get in.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

My husband and I just came back from the Lake District. It was so beautiful and relaxing and just what I needed. A great getaway for us, even more so that we are about to start IVF. I called the IVF clinic when I got my cycle and we are on our way!!
We have the go ahead for sniffing on Aug-20th. We get our meds in one week! The pharmacy is going to call on Monday to set a date for delivery. I will post photos of all the fun things we get in. Yay for needles and sniffing stuff! Thank you for the prayers...