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Timetable Of A Typical IVF Treatment Cycle

Timetable Of A Typical IVF Treatment Cycle

Days 1- 2

Phone in with period date or day 1 or 2 of cycle.

If the period starts at the weekend, leave a message on the answerphone together with a day

time telephone number.

Days 1 - 7

A nurse will call you back to discuss the treatment cycle - usually within 2-3 days.

A drug prescription and schedule for the treatment cycle is posted out. Advice about

obtaining the drugs will be included. The prescription is valid for 28 days The schedule

clearly states the starting date for the drug which will induce down regulation: (nasal spray

or subcutaneous injections). The date for the down regulation blood test is clearly indicated

on the schedule.

Day 21

Start sniffing the nasal spray (Nafarelin or Buserelin) or injecting ( Buserelin)

These drugs block the link between the pituitary gland in the brain and the ovaries,

preventing premature ovulation and allowing accurate control of the treatment cycle. This

is the period of “down-regulation”. As the woman reaches down regulation, she should

experience a withdrawal bleed and may experience some of the side effects of the

menopause such as headaches, hot flushes and not feeling as cheerful as usual.

2 – 3

weeks later

N.B. Payment will be required where appropriate before the Down Regulation blood test

Blood test at the Unit to check down-regulation has been achieved and the circulating

oestrogen level is at baseline. Once this has been achieved, then the ovarian stimulating

hormone injections can start. The injection technique is taught at this appointment

Next 8 days

Daily hormone injections of gonadotrophins (Gonal F or Puregon or Menopur) usually

given in the evening. The Nasal spray or s/c injections of Buserelin continue.

9th day


Ultrasound scans and blood tests usually every 2-3 days from this day until the follicles

have reached the correct size. Advice is then given about the late night injection of hCG.

This hormone is important as it helps mature the eggs. We will advise you of the exact day

and time to give it. This is usually between day 10 and 14 of stimulation but it can

sometimes be later than this. After you have had your hCG injection you do not take any

more of the nasal spray or injections of Buserelin.

2 days after


Oocyte retrieval is performed at the Unit and the eggs and sperm are looked after in the

laboratory. Both partners need to attend!

The day after

egg retrieval

Patients are telephoned with the news of how many of their eggs have fertilized and given

a time to come in for embryo transfer - This will be either two, three or five days later.

2, 3 or 5 days

Unit staff perform the embryo transfer.

Pregnancy testing should be done no earlier than 16 days after egg collection

Most couples prefer to do this test at home and then ring in with the result.


test result

The result of this pregnancy test MUST be communicated to the unit.

Administration staff will speak with you to learn of the result and one of the nurses will

contact you to discuss the result – usually the same day.

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