Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is It Time Yet???

So today we started out talking to the finance department and they gave us great news!! Not only does NHS cover us doing IVF but it covers embryo storage up to 3 years!! What great and unexpected news!! After our talk we were directed to the nurse, about our process. She said they will work with us on how many we want to fertilize and giving all the embryos a chance for survival. We believe that life begins at conception so we want to give all life a chance no matter how weak the embryo may look.

She told us to call them the first day of my period and then I start doing the hormone therapy on the 21st day of my cycle which should be around Aug-21. I will keep you updated all the way through this. Somedays I feel like this is going to take forever... But we are use to waiting. What is another month right? Try telling that to my heart that feels like it is going to explode from all the anticipation!

Thank you for the prayers and please keep praying for us as we are going into a very stressful situation next month with my hormones changing and our emotions running on high.
Today was a blessed day... The Lord gave us peace and wisdom on what to say and what questions to ask, and opened another door for us to walk through with ease...


  1. I'm glad you found my blog. Looks like we may be IVF cycle buddies. Good luck!

  2. Very true!! I am freaking out right about now, but so excited all at once!!